Skip Bayless: LeBron will be called the coronavirus champion if he wins the title

Famous TV host Skip Bayless told how people can remember the championship of LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers if they take the title in the 2019/2020 season.

According to him, the four-month pause made it much easier for LeBron, and because of this, the achievement will not become complete.

“LeBron will be called the coronavirus champion if he wins the title. He made a great bid for the MVP title, and suddenly the season stopped. For a player spending 17 years in the League, this is just a phenomenal opportunity. LeBron was able to rest and now will lead the team to the finish line, ” Bayless said in the undisputed show.

The NBA regular season will resume on July 31, and only 22 teams out of 30 will finish it. The venue for all matches will be the disney World amusement Park in Orlando (Florida, USA). The decision was made almost unanimously. The only team that opposed the restart of the season was the Portland trail Blazers.

The first round of the playoffs starts on August 18, and the deciding games in each of the conferences are scheduled to begin on September 15. The top two teams will play for the title between September 30 and October 12 if all seven matches of the series are played.

Ex-NBA player Metta world Peace: when I become President of the United States, I will make marijuana free

Former forward of the “Chicago bulls”, “Los Angeles Lakers” and a number of other national basketball Association teams Metta world Peace said that he plans to run for President of the United States in 2024 and has already made a number of campaign promises.

“When I become President in 2024, I will not only legalize marijuana, but also make it free, “world Peace wrote on his Twitter page.

The former striker also intends to give every American a free box of cereal once a month and legalize the free sale of breast milk.

In early may, the ex-basketball player said that he decided to take his wife’s last name, now he is Metta Sandiford-Artest. Born Ron Artest first changed his name in 2011, which is when he became a world Writer.