According to NBA Organization Department, National Basketball Association (NBA) is on its risk of holding plays in front of no fans.

Covid-19 pandemic is getting worse in America. Until 7/3, this country has already had 300 people affected and 15 dead. This data has put some American States on red alarm. 

Being one of the top-ranked American sports tournaments with an enormous number of spectators, NBA Organization Department is having great concern over the Corona virus’s effects and successively giving advice to their teams. According to the latest news of renowned journalist Shams Charania – The Althtix, NBA has set a back-up plan for upcoming plans for the threat of Covid-19. They have warned their teams about the plays in front of no spectator and to ensure all in the safest condition, there will be a limitation in the number of staff as large crowds which include different people could be a hotbed for spreading unexpected disease. 

If the Covid-19 pandemic in America is still getting worse and horrible, these back-up plans will become real. Numerous spectators and fans are an indispensable part of NBA play as they have always been a great inspiration for players, therefore, playing in front of no fans may be unforgettable memories for NBA players. 

Before that, NBA Organization Department has highly advised basketball teams and players to not interact with many fans and people. Actions such as autographs or handshakes should not be done. Only elbow touches or fist bumps are allowed.

”Covid-19 is still an unpredictable pandemic which causes many difficulties.” has been what NBA highlighted. Many other basketball tournaments or football championships in Europe has been held without the participation of spectators, one of them was the play between Inter Milan and Ludlgorets in 28/2.


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