Basketball rounds of NBA on 1st March 2020 witnessed failure from Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics.

Miami Heat 116-113 Brooklyn Net

In the very first round, Miami Heat had been expected to have an interesting play with Brooklyn Net, anI as expectation, both of them truly had thrilling assists and rebounds to fascinate their fans. However, taking advantage of hosting AmericanAirlines Arena, Miami Heat really knew the way to propel themselves to win in the most decisive moment.

Finally, Miami Heat scored 116-113, hence, ranked 4st East. While to Brooklyn Net, there have been 4  successive failures, therefore, coach Erik Spoelstra and his team need to be more cautious in the next round as Playoffs is in it’s own critical period.

Memphis Grizzlies 105-88 Los Angeles Lakers


Arriving at Memphis Grizzlies after 7 successive achievements, Lebron James and his team are supposed to defeat Bear Blues right in FedExForum effortlessly. However, in reality, it was a disappointing play for California fans when they had to witness the Los Angeles Lakers’ failure who scored 88-105 against Memphis.

During this play, apart from Lebron James (scored 19, 8 rebounds, 10 assists) and Anthony David (scored 15, 9 bounds), there were no other shooters who scored above 15. Thus, their failure to Memphis was completely unavoidable, especially while in Bear Blues, Ja Morrant (scored 27, 14 assists) John Valanciunas (scored 22, 20 rebounds), Dillon Brooks ( scored 24) all had career-high performances.

Boston Celtics 110-111 Houston Rockets 

In this incredible round, Boston Celtics met Houston Rockets and both pulled themselves to devote the most pleasing shoots for their fans.

The representative of Texas had a more outstanding performance who finally scored closely 111-110 against Houston Rockets. Russel Westbrook had the most prolific production in Houston Rockets (scored 41 points), while in Boston Celtics, Jayson Tatum was the shooting star with 32 points, 13 rebounds.

Final results of NBA 1/3:

New York Knicks 125-115 Chicago Bulls 

Atlanta Hawks 129-117 Portland Trail Blazers 

Miami Heat 116-113 Brooklyn Nets  

Cleveland Cavaliers 104-113 Indiana Pacers 

Memphis Grizzlies 105-88 Los Angeles Lakers 

Boston Celtics 110-111 Houston Rockets 

San Antonio Spurs 114-113 Orlando Magic 

Phoenix Suns 99-105 Golden State Warriors

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