Magic Johnson, Tracy McGrady and Scotty Pippen selected NBA MVP between LeBron and Yannis

NBA legends magic Johnson, Tracy McGrady and Scotty Pippen have chosen this season’s MVP between LeBron James (Los Angeles Lakers) and Yannis Adetokunbo (Milwaukee Bucks).

“LeBron affects the game in a variety of ways. This year, he’s almost averaging a triple-double. You need to take into account how he played in defense. Just as important, he was an incredible leader. LeBron really brought these guys to the Lakers and made them work. LeBron himself is also on a mission, isn’t he? He wants to show people that he can go from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Lakers and win a title, especially given the history of the Lakers. So I think LeBron has played incredibly this season. He really took Anthony Davis ‘game to a whole new level,” Fadeaway World quotes Johnson as saying.

“I choose Yannis. From the first game, this guy is on a mission. He may also be the best defender of the year, as he is confident at both ends of the court. I can’t take anything away from what LeBron James is doing in his 17th season in the League. This is unbelievable. But we can’t dismiss the fact that James is playing with first — team NBA representative Anthony Davis,” McGrady said.

“Obviously, Giannis is trying to get his team back to the Eastern conference finals with the hope of playing in the NBA finals, but the work that LeBron has done over the years, what he has been able to do on every team, and his longevity… I think this speaks volumes. LeBron has been playing in the League for 17 years, since I finished playing the last seasons. Hats off to him. I don’t want to belittle any of these guys. If the League ever decides to share the MVP award, this is their chance, ” Pippen said.