NBA is the best and most prestigious league in the world. However, there many other leagues that are also great. In Europe, there are many great basketball leagues that attract elite players. This article gives details of the best basketball leagues in Europe.


This is the most prestigious and popular basketball league in Europe, and its dominance is growing every year. If players want to play at the NBA, they usually start by playing at EuroLeague, which gives them a higher chance of succeeding. The attendance rate for the league is great and has very professional games.

Basketball Champions League by FIBA

This league is managed by FIBA and the fact that it is popular because it is associated with this governing body. The league is played by the sixteen best teams in Europe competing for a trophy. It is one of the greatest sporting events in the continent, and this is made possible by great players, world-class coaching and excitement of fans.

Liga ACB

This is the top league in Spain which is considered a great country for basketball. The league has produced several NBA players. Liga ACB is considered among the indoor sports leagues with the highest attendance in the world with an attendance of over 6,000 fans.

Adriatic League

Though not very big, this league has been producing NBA players in recent years. Many upcoming and elite players prefer this league because it gives them exposure and possible links to the worlds’ most prestigious basketball leagues. The league concentrates on player development more than fame.


This league was established in the 1980s in France, and it’s known for moulding both national and foreign players by giving them playing time.

These are the top five basketball leagues in Europe. There are many other leagues that are great as well, although they didn’t make it to the top five.