Basketball is a team sport which comprises of five players in every opposing side. The two opposing teams tackle one another in a rectangular pitch court. The game involves shooting the basketball through opponents’ hoop. Based on performance, national basketball teams have been ranked internationally as follows;

United States

Even if legends who placed USA basketball high are no longer a part of the USA Basketball team, the national team is still top of the world. The presence of highly qualified coaches and players and the ability to adjust tactics often leave the opponents defeated. USA’s team stands out in the world basketball due to its simple and tactical game, accurate shots and opponents’ cover-up. The team has won many honours both FIBA World cups and other regional tournaments medals.


Brazil Basketball national team is one of the best basketball national teams in the world. The guard-oriented game strategy with the best shooters has made the team tactically suppress many opponents in the game. The team has won several world and regional medals. The good performances of the team have categorized it among the best.


Turkey Basketball national team has produced highly skilled forward players who can score inside and out. This has made the team compete at every major international basketball tournament. Among its greatest achievements is winning of Euro basket, FIBA World cup among other regional medals. These achievements have led to Turkey’s national basketball to be ranked among the best basketball teams in the world.


Argentina’s basketball team is among the best in the world. The team is controlled by Argentina Basketball Federation. Their basketball team has the best shooters and defenders who make it hard for opponents to penetrate. From early 2000, Argentina has won many medals, both FIBA World medals and regional medals. This has raised their world ranking to become among the best basketball teams in the world.