Like any other sport, basketball matches grab people’s attention. Businesses take advantage of this attention to expose their brands. This article gives you an overview of basketball sponsorship which is generally what happens in most sports sponsorships.

Types of Sponsorships and their Benefits

  • Basketball Individual Players

This involves a player displaying the logo of a company or wearing its brand, or endorsing its products among other individualized sponsorships. It helps the player since it covers for whatever the company is giving them. For instance, the player may have medical costs covered and equipment or even their kit supplied for free as part of the sponsorship.

  • Basketball Clubs and Teams

This could be in the form of either wearing the company’s kit or displaying its banners or naming the team or ground after the company. The company can also meet the team’s costs. This helps the team because it gets the kit for free or at a subsidized price. Ground maintenance or even travel costs for matches may also be covered.

  • Basketball Events

Companies can fund or use their logo on the event materials or even give participants products for free. This can be helpful since the company takes care of part or all the costs and other monetary and material support that can be very beneficial.

Disadvantages for Basketball

  • The sponsorship is not very secure hence the company can decide to withdraw or limit it any time.
  • The team can get bad images from some sponsors based on the product or service they offer e.g. Alcohol.
  • Only a few good sponsorships are available only to top performers.
  • Sponsors can influence the activities to suit their needs which can sometimes be harmful to the player or the team.
  • Many small teams do not attract sponsorships
  • Players and teams could rely too much on sponsors which can lead to difficulties once the sponsors decide to pull out.