If you are planning to start betting on sports, basketball is one of the sports you should consider. With many leagues and matches, there are always great odds that can help you win some money. To help you start, understand that knowledge is power. This article gives you details of the types of basketball betting and strategies you can use as you try your luck.

Types of Basketball Bets

  • Point Spread Betting

This is probably the most popular type of basketball betting. In this type of betting, the bettors place their bets on the point spread which is calculated by getting the difference between two teams’ points.

  • Point Totals

In this type of bet, you bet against total scores predetermined by the bookie. Your bet could be that total scores will be over or under the scores set by the bookie.

  • Money Line

This is simply betting on the team that you think will win and if it wins you win the bet.

  • Parlays

In this bet, you group different bets together and bet on them as one. You win the bet if all your picks are correct and you lose all if you lose one.

Basketball Betting Strategies

  • Research

Information is power. Research on the teams lined up and the players. Look at their recent performance and try to identify anything that could affect that. Get to know where the match will be played and account for home ground advantage.

  • Embrace Historical Data

Get the teams’ historical data and see how the scores were when they last met. Check the teams they have played with recently and compare the data between the two teams. This should give you a trend and some insights that can give you information that will make you predict the outcome of the match with some high level of accuracy.