The BBL Championship is the highest level British professional men’s basketball league. Managed by the British Basketball League, the competition was established in 1987, and it involves thirteen teams. These teams are from Scotland and England. The season runs from September to April, and by the end of the regular season, each team will have played 36 games. The team with the highest points is recognised as the league champion. After the end of the regular season, the top eight teams continue to the play-offs where the BBL Championship winner is decided. Teams are not relegated or promoted in the BBL Championship.

BBL Championship Regular Season

All teams play in the regular season which runs from September to April, and each team plays 36 games. The matches are regulated by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA). Each match is played for ten minutes per quarter with a total of four quarters. Every win is awarded two points with overtime in case of a tie. The team with the highest points wins the BBL Championship as well as being British champions. In the event there is a tie, then the winner is determined by considering the end to end results of the top teams. In this season, team schedules are different, and venue availability is used to schedule games. Sometimes games are played on consecutive days because the season is usually short.

BBL Championship Play-Offs

Play-offs are held in April and May, and they consist of the teams which finished in the top eight in the regular season. The games are organised by the way the teams finished in the regular season; the top team plays the bottom team. The teams will have home and away games, and the two teams with the highest points go for the grand final which usually happens at the O2 Arena in London to determine the winners of the BBL Championship. The total prize money is £100000 with winners pocketing £25000.