A basketball team has five players, and each one of them plays in a specific position with defined roles. As opposed to the time when players had to stick to their positions, nowadays they can play more than one position in a match. Players need to be flexible enough to move around the field. This article focuses on basketball team positions and their roles.


Centres are usually positioned under the basket. They are usually the strongest and tallest among the team members. They dominate physically, with more strength and power. They don’t score beyond the arch or midrange on the offensive play. However, they mostly score from rebounds and help their players in scoring by blocking the opponent’s defenders. Since they are tall, centres prevent the opponent’s players from scoring by blocking the balls when they try to score, and make sure they don’t benefit from rebounds.

Power Forwards

They are second after centres in terms of height and physical strength. However, they are also very fast. They are versatile and can score from midrange. They also act as defenders as they can prevent larger opponents from going near the basket.

Small Forwards

Of the two forwards, they are usually the shortest, but they have an instrumental role. They are tall enough and have the ability to play with agility on the inside and outside. They also can guard the shootings. They are usually good shooters at the second or third position in the team terms of ability to score.

Shooting Guards

They are among the shortest players and best outside shooters. They are also great at dribbling, as well as passing. They are in charge of setting up offensive plays.

Point Guards

They are usually the shortest in the team. They are excellent handlers, have a great vision of the court and can direct play. They start offensive plays and are great long-distance shooters.