5 models of Point Guard defenders for basketball

In today’s modern basketball world, some of the Point Guardists prefer to pass defenses and score points, others prefer the assists of teammates.

Point Guard can be divided into the following models:

  1. The set up

The typical defender we often see. This type of defender is responsible for keeping the ball in attacking situations on the opponent’s court and making sure to minimize the loss of the ball as possible. To become a true PG, you must at least become this Founder.


  1. Talented distributors

This is a classic defender with the main task of cleverly distributing the ball to the team to score. People of this type often have very good visibility and easily recognize the opportunities to help the team finish the ball quickly. These defenders will place more responsibility on passing the ball to their teammates than scoring the score themselves. In other words, this is a defender in the style of “Distributing ball is number 1”.

  1. The killer scores

Although in the position of Point Guard, this type of player always has the thought of scoring more than creating for teammates. Derrick Rose used the inherent abilities of a defender to overcome the opponent’s defense and score effectively no less than a Power Foward (PF) or Small Forward (SF). And of course, although still high, the number of assists (Assist) is also inversely proportional to the ability to score. With them “Scoring is number 1”.

  1. The person who drives the match

Chris Paul is known as a great defender for his extremely sharp play. When watching these defenders on the pitch, one will feel like he has an extra pair of eyes behind his back. Unlike the Distributor or Scorer, this type of defender is always looking for the best opportunities for his team, typically the 0-phase release for SG or a risky edge to the basket. Today they can play like a creator but tomorrow can be a true scoring assassin, but it does not matter, as long as their team wins.


It can be seen that this is a sample of the player with the highest basketball IQ and always makes the right decisions at the right time, not by chance or luck. In addition, we can also call them with a different name is “Matchmaker”.

  1. Comprehensive defender

There is almost no clear definition for this type of defender, but we can see this is the culmination of PG when combining the ability to score points (scorer) and builder (distributor) excellently. Mostly, he is also a true leader on the field with a wealth of experience.

In fact, no matter what type of defender, in the role of game leader, deciding on the field is the most important thing. Nobody forces you to pass the ball to others, no one forces you to plunge into the penalty area, and no one can make you go crazy scoring. Only the right and right decision will help you shine like a true Point Guard.

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